The Familiar and the New for Season 10

Well, we’re less than a week away from starting Season 10, so I figure it’s time to get the final details out there. The main thing is, for the most part, league will run exactly as it always has: you’ll still show up, play 5 games with a group, and take down your scores. Your scores will still be compared with everyone in the league for the night and playoff qualification and seeding will still be based on total score over the season. I am going to keep the $10 dues for now and we’ll see if we need to adjust and re-evaluate that after this season’s over. There will be some extra expenses this time (notably, the use of MatchPlay software to run the league, which I’ll get to in a moment, as well as the $1 per person fee from the IFPA) but I think we can keep the dues the same and work around that.

So here’s what’s going to change — some stuff I am tweaking because it will make it easier for me to run the league simply and be consistent and fair.

First, we’ll be switching to a different scoring system. Previously you received 1 point for every person you finished ahead of for a league night. Simple enough! But one down side of this method is that it means the number of points you can potentially earn on a given night is heavily dependent on how many people show up that night. Plus, it’s more complicated to calculate versus the alternative I’m going to switch to. Which is this: we’ll be using a 100 point scoring system. Coming in 1st on a given machine that night will earn 100 points. Coming in 2nd will earn 99 points, 3rd earns 98 points, etc. So the top scorer on a given night will always get 100 points no matter how many other people are there.

Second, the makeup rule is going to be this: no makeups.  Instead, everyone will drop their lowest of 8 league nights. Your best 7 nights will count. So you can come to all 8 and try to keep improving or you can miss one without it totally hurting you. If you do miss a league night, you will be recorded as having a zero machine score on every game rather than a zero score. In other words, you will be scored as though you came in last that night — still not impossible to overcome, and comparable to how much missing a night hurt you under the old scoring system. We’ll be using the MatchPlay software/site to manage the league, so everyone will be able to easily look up current standings and see past results.

Third, finals will work like this: first we’ll determine the number of people who played at least 4 nights of the season. Whatever that number is, half of that number (rounding down) will play in A division finals. Anyone else who shows up to finals will play in B division.

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