Pinball Holidays

It’s been a long while since my last update (just about two months, in fact).  Does that mean everyone in the Lansing area took a break from pinball?  Ha ha ha ha ha… yeah, right.

Mike plunges while partner Dan stands ready at the left flipper.

Mike plunges while partner Dan stands ready at the left flipper.

Zen winners Dan and Mike, with photobomb by Matt.

Zen winners Dan and Mike, with photobomb by Matt.

First of all, we had the traditional end of season “just for fun” tournament for the Lansing Pinball League, Super-Ball VII, better known as the Zen Tourney.  Chris (partnered with non-league-member Steve, not to be confused with the Steve who does sometimes play with league) once again saw the elusive Zen trophy slip from his grasp as Mike and Dan coordinated their way to victory.  Mike also joins the elite ranks of those who have won two Zen trophies (ahem).  No one has yet won three…

Second, after a year of trying out quarterly Avenue charity tournaments, we had our first repeat: the second annual Silver Balls in the City on December 27.  Once again the tournament’s entry fees were all donated to the Capital Area Humane Society.  This year, based on the number of people who attended, we used a three-strikes rather than four-strikes format.  We also started a half hour earlier.  As a result, we did not end up running quite so long as last year.  Yes, I can learn from mistakes: where’s my gold star?

This year's Silver Balls trophies.

This year’s Silver Balls trophies. Most of the glitter even stayed on them.

Mike S. came up with the idea of having a just-for-fun side tournament for $1 per entry.  The side tournament was a “closest to the pin” contest on Medieval Madness.  The winner would be the person who got closest to 15 million without going over or tilting.  Bill L. ended up winning and I still need to get him his prize (a $10 Coldstone Creamery gift certificate donated by Mike).

In an odd coincidence, the main tournament finished on the same game as last year: Junk Yard.  Fortunately the overactive slam tilt has been repaired since then.  Spectators who held out until the very end were treated to the spectacle of Aaron G. starting the video mode on Junk Yard no fewer than 15 times in the final game against Adam, and in this manner, climbing his way to victory on top of a mountain of toast.  Third place went to Jared A.

Rodney and Karen try out the side tournament.

Rodney and Karen try out the side tournament.

Between the main and side tournaments, Silver Balls earned $217 for the Capital Area Humane Society.  As most league members know, my beloved pet rabbit Stephen died on December 22 at the age of 10 and half.  Joseph and I were still very shaken up and grieving when the tournament came around, but it gave us some consolation to know that the donations people made for the tournament would help other wonderful animals receive care.

Aaron and Adam with first and second place trophies, respectively.

The next Avenue tournament will be the second annual March Hare Madness amazing race tournament.  The date is to be announced, but it will probably be in the last few days of March.  Stay tuned here or to the Lansing Pinball League Facebook group for more information.

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  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    In the closest-to-the-pin tournament I got stuck with an extra ball and as much as I tried to keep it down I ended up at about 15,028,000. I might have hit closer to 15 million than anyone, but that bonus on the extra ball that killed me.

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