March Hare Madness Tournament


March Hare Madness:

The Amazing Rabbit Race

marchhare-smallGet ready for some madness!  We are holding an “Amazing Race” format tournament at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing on March 30 at 6 p.m.! Cost will be $10 plus coin drop, with the entry fee (not including coin) all going to the Capital Area Humane Society. This tournament will be eligible for WPPR (IFPA) points!

If you are not familiar with the Amazing Race format, here’s a brief description: everyone involved plays a game and the lowest scoring person (or lowest two in the early rounds, depending on attendance) is eliminated. Everyone else then goes on to the next game. This will continue until we have a Final Four, at which point there will be a head-to-head playoff.

For more information, check out our rules and join our Facebook event page.