League Night Recap (Sort of) for 7/12 and Preview for 7/26

Unfortunately, I was not at the league night of July 12 (the Season 7 opener) due to a family vacation. From what I hear from Mike S., it was as hot as the devil’s armpit. Matt tried to mitigate this by having a “downstairs party” consisting of Iron Man, World Cup Soccer, Jack-Bot, Metallica, and Getaway, but it was still miserable, and people spent much of the night standing under the AC vent above the ATM.  I have also heard that some new people joined, and Matt expects yet more new people tomorrow.  It’s great to see the league growing.

Because I wasn’t there, I have no photos this time, though I should note that photos from the Rocket Robin tournament of 6/28 (which earned $160 for the Capital Area Humane Society) are now available in the photo gallery. I do have the results for the night for your perusal.

We’re now coming up on the second night of this season, tomorrow (today, really) at 7 p.m.  Matt will be absent this time, leaving me to run the circus for the first time.  We will be playing whichever of the following are currently cooperating: Indiana Jones, Tales of the Arabian Nights, World Cup Soccer, Getaway, Monster Bash, and Addams Family.  As usual, the number of games played will be determined by the number of players in attendance.

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  1. I’ve never heard the phrase “as hot as a devil’s armpit” before.

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