League Night Recap for 8/8/17

Season 9, League Night #3 of 7

Games played: Indiana Jones, Attack from Mars, The Addams Family, Lord of the Rings, Getaway.

League members watching someone play.

Not sure what everyone’s reacting to – an unfair tilt, maybe?

League Night #3 is notable in that it was the first league night I went to this season, and that goes for Joseph too.  For the first night we were up north, and for the second night we were at Kings Island before heading on to Pinburgh.  This, then, is the first league night that I was actually present at and can write an update on!  So I should have a lot to say, right?

Uh, not really.  It was one of my worst league nights ever (whereas my makeup night for #2 the previous evening was one of my best nights ever), so I have endeavored to wipe it from my memory.

Russell playing.

Russell in a rare moment of not sliding the game.

OK, OK, I can tell you a few things.  First off, it was probably the best attended league night so far from what I’ve heard.  Joseph and I were back, and so was the league’s champion Chris, who was rumored to possibly be ducking out this season in order to cheat on us with the new One Well League.  I still have my eye on you, mister.  I mean Doctor.  Second, we were once again scheduled to play Demolition Man and were once again not able to.  I don’t remember what the reason was this time; maybe it was eating quarters.  As far as I can remember, we have not played Demolition Man for league once, because every time it is on the docket it ends up breaking.

Matt holds court while Tim plays Getaway.

Matt holds court while Tim plays Getaway.

Tonight will be my last league night arriving on time for quite a while.  I’m sad to say that I was once again unable to return to having an earlier schedule at work.  Once classes start next week, I will be unable to get to league any earlier than 7:30 or 8 pm.  What’s worse is that this time I also have an earlier start, so it’s the worst of both worlds; I’ll be tired and dragging and arriving late, so I doubt I am going to finish this season in top form.  It also means I’ll probably not be getting as many photos of league, so enjoy them while you can.

I’ll be seeing you soon (I hope) as I’m about to head to the Avenue for tonight’s league, where I will no doubt get razzed again for my habit of doing my league update shortly before the next league.  Yeah, I love you guys too.

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