League Night Recap for 4/26/16

League Night #8 of 8

Games played: Tales of the Arabian Nights, Indiana Jones, Medieval Madness, Lord of the Rings

Adam plays Junk Yard.

Go on, Adam. Give it a good hard shove. You know you want to!

League Night #8 of Season 6 will no doubt go down in history as the longest league night to date.  Despite the fact that we played only 4 games (instead of 5 as had become more common this season), the night did not come to an end until after 10 p.m., as the final ball of the final game for the final group was played, by me, on Lord of the Rings.  I stood nearly alone, accompanied only by my loyal second Joseph, as everyone else had fled as soon as their ball was over.

We were scheduled to play The Simpsons Pinball Party, but just as I had a good game starting to open up after a terrible ball 1, my multiball was interrupted by the right flipper sticking in the upward position and refusing to come down.  Matt pointed out that if it lasted four hours, we would need to call for medical assistance.  Naturally the one time Simpsons doesn’t screw me one way, it screws me another.  The game was taken out of commission and replaced with Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Greg and Kandus chatting.

“What are you supposed to do in Medieval Madness again?  Shoot the catapult?  Or was it the damsel ramp?” “I think you’re supposed to shoot the giant plastic castle.” “Oh… that makes sense.”

Meanwhile, Medieval Madness was playable but playing very long, because the drawbridge was staying in the upward position, making for a much safer than usual shot at the castle.  It’s a long playing game anyway and certain parties were dreading playing it for that reason; this made it even worse, and the average score skewed very high.  Lord of the Rings had some very long playing games that night too, not because of any malfunction but just because it’s Lord of the Rings.  The only saving grace is that Indiana Jones didn’t have any problems with the idol lock.

Unfortunately, the long playing games came on a night when, unusually for a league night, The Avenue had a show booked.  When the band started up, the opening cymbal hit was so loud that I thought someone had dropped a huge tray of dishes.  Everyone else was equally startled and several people jumped.  Matt did us all a great favor by running back to his house and getting earplugs, without which I don’t think I could have finished my game of Lord of the Rings.  Unfortunately, those not interested in the music had a strong incentive to leave as soon as they finished their games, which is part of why I was mostly on my own by the time I finished my long, long night.

"Forget it, Mike. It's Castletown."

“Forget it, Mike. It’s Castletown.”

On the up side, Rich from Nomad Kitchen once again brought back the Burger Challenge.  Everyone gets one try to put up the highest score on a game of Rich’s choice (this time, Getaway), and the winner gets a burger and fries from the kitchen.  Chris put up a huge score and left instructions that if he won, he wanted the second place person to get the burger unless it was Adam.  He did indeed win, his second victory in the Nomad Challenge, and Adam came in second (he has also previously won a Nomad Challenge), so according to Chris’s instructions, third place winner Mike got the burger IOU.

In just an hour or two, the final playoff tournament will be starting.  The point totals from Season 6 will be used to seed the A and B division tournaments.  Will Chris remain the undefeated victor?  Come by The Avenue tonight at 7 and find out!

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