League Night Recap for 4/12/16

Season 6, meeting #6 of 8

Games played: Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, Monster Bash, Jack*Bot

Mike's cake

It wasn’t really pink. That’s just the lighting (if you can call it that) in the alcove.

My first order of business for League Night on 4/12 was to have a private word with Matt and let him know that we had brought a surprise: a cake for Mike S., whose birthday was two days previous. Aaron jumped in and began giving me grief: how dare I make “unilateral pastry decisions” for the league? I hid the cake in more or less plain sight over near the back door and hoped Mike was too distracted to see it. When it came time to start league play, I interrupted Matt’s assignment of groups by carrying in the cake.

Mike and his cake

No one except Aaron objected to my unilateral pastry decision.

Mike failed to blow out all the candles in one go, so I guess he won’t get his wish. Unless his wish was for delicious cake, since everyone seemed to agree that the cake was especially good. Thanks, Kroger bakery! Despite the excessive size of the cake (I thought more people would be there) it was three quarters gone by the end of the night and Mike took the rest home for his mom.

This was the least-attended night we have had in a while, largely due to the absence of the entire Grand Rapids crew (Jake, Sam, and Adam). Sam was out of town on a business trip, Jake had to work (a change in schedule that may affect the rest of the season for him), and Jake is Adam’s ride. As a result, we played only four games instead of what has become our customary five. Mike S. pleaded with Matt to add the fifth game (it would have been Theater of Magic) anyway, but it didn’t work.  He and Joseph suggested they would play it anyway and write their scores down in the scoring notebook. I don’t know if they did that or not since at the end of the night I instead stayed downstairs proving to myself that I can too play Jack*Bot.

Mike blows out the candles

Mike failed to blow out all the candles, which is presumably why Austin Powers hasn’t been replaced yet.

This was a bit of an odd league night all around. The smaller number of games meant that everyone finished a lot earlier than usual, on top of this, for some reason people also didn’t hang around afterward. I guess the Grand Rapids crowd must be a good bit of our social glue, because everyone abandoned ship in a hurry until only Mike, Joseph, and I remained.  We went to Theio’s, just the three of us, which just wasn’t the same.

As of this writing Matt had not yet posted the scores due to pending makeup games, but you can also view more photos in the photo gallery. Tonight is the last regular night of the season which will determine seeding and divisions for the final playoffs. We are scheduled to play Medieval Madness, Simpsons Pinball Party, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Tales of the Arabian Nights and Addams Family (with the last two being contingency games), so we can all look forward to looking at Chris’s back all evening.

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  1. No wonder he couldn’t blow all the candles out. They’re a mile apart!

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