League Night Recap for 4/11/17

League night #7 of 8

Games played: Jack-Bot, Indiana Jones, The Addams Family, Fish Tales, Austin Powers.

Russell endures a game of Austin Powers.

Russell endures a game of Austin Powers.

The penultimate league night was the first one since a Stern Star Trek LE appeared at the Avenue (adding to, rather than replacing any of, the current games), but we were not able to play it for this league night.  I don’t actually know why; I just know that by the time I came running in breathlessly after my mad rush from work, it had already been stricken and replaced with, er, Austin Powers.  Ghostbusters was also on the originally-announced game list, but it’s still suffering from Wandering Lockdown Bar Syndrome not to mention wonky flipper action (whoops, I did mention it, didn’t I?).

This league night seemed somewhat better attended than a lot of them have been this season.

I did my usual lousy play that I’ve done all season.  I blame work.  Thanks, work!  Screw you and your paychecks… that keep me in pinball quarters… erm.  Anyway, since I came late I once again played with fellow latecomer Russell and otherwise was a bit out of the loop about the night’s activities which has left me without much to report on.  Mike’s birthday had been the previous night so Joseph and I brought him a card and some flavored popcorn from Horrocks (ranch flavor; credit Joseph with that brilliant idea, since the Theio’s crowd all knows that Mike is obsessed with ranch).

Russell plays Austin Powers.

Poor Russell, all alone with Austin Powers.

Also speaking of the Theio’s crowd, Mike used his birthday leverage to insist that we go to the Fleetwood Diner instead this time.  Joseph and I had previously taken him to the Fleetwood and he decided it totally blew away Theio’s in terms of menu choices, so he really wanted a repeat visit.  Adam and Jake were fine with the change to our routine so we all went over Cedar Street for our midnight breakfast, minus former Theio’s regular Sam, who has been conspicuously absent from recent league nights.  Come back, Sam!

We’re just two and a half hours from our final league night of the season as I write this.  I know that I’m currently in B division range but within range of making A, so the pressure is really on.  I’m sure others are in a similar position.  That will be settled tonight.  The question of whether we will eat at Theio’s or the Fleetwood from now on may remain unsettled, since there is some talk about going to The Grid (the new barcade in Old Town) after league night instead of having a diner visit.  That will probably be my vote, since despite living two miles away I somehow still haven’t gotten out there to check out their oddball game selection.

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