League Night Recap for 3/7/17

League night #5 of 8

Games played: Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, The Simpsons, Getaway, The Addams Family

Danny, Adam, and Joseph.

I can get away with taking pictures like this only because Joseph is not bothered at all by me being in his peripheral (or is it periphe-real?) vision.

This league night took place during my spring break, which meant that I could be on time for once this season.  I also got more photos than usual thanks to being less rushed.  We were originally scheduled to play South Park among others (we have not yet played South Park for league, not that anyone’s crying over it), but when we arrived several of them malfunctioned or started eating quarters, so Mike S. asked Matt on Facebook if we could reshuffle the games and perhaps consider playing something we hadn’t done yet this season, such as Indiana Jones.  Matt rather testily told Mike he should go ahead and just tell us what we’re going to play.  Then Matt showed up in person carrying the league’s lightbulbs (yes, we are a BYOB league: bring your own bulbs).  Mike gave him a bit of a ribbing about how he had forgotten to take one of them home after league last time.  Matt responded by staring at Mike and dropping the bag of bulbs on the floor where he stood, causing a tell-tale glass tinkling noise, before walking away to get a drink.  Casualties: one of the two remaining league-owned LED bulbs, and Matt’s patience.

Everyone’s two favorite things are in this picture, am I right? (I mean hats, and stairs.)

Prior to league play beginning, Danny was putting in some serious work on one of his favorite games, Getaway.  He had a parade of extra balls and got very nearly to the grand champion score before having a couple of virtual house balls.  Still, he was looking good for playing Getaway in league.  Thus we were all surprised by the turn of fate: Danny slam tilted Getaway.  This puts him in an elite group of people who have slam tilted games in the league and I think it’s the first slam of the season.  We were all surprised, because although he gave it a pretty hard shove, it didn’t seem hard enough to warrant a slam.  Unfortunately, the league’s rules on it are clear, so Danny went from the pinnacle to the pit on Getaway in the space of an hour.

The only good thing I can say about the new placement of games by the pool tables is that it allows for new photo angles.

With Addams Family on the slate, we once again saw Chris using his shoes to block the strobe lights.  I guess that works well for him and I’m wondering if we’re going to start seeing more of it.

League members Joseph, Adam, and I – plus Sarah who has often played in the league in the past – all competed in one or more of the tournaments held by the IFPA in Dallas over the weekend (Sarah and I in the Women’s World Championship, Adam in the Nationals as the Michigan state champion, and Adam, Joseph, and I in the Pin-Masters pingolf tournament).  Adam did especially well, finishing in the top eight of both tournaments, so be sure to congratulate him on his excellent representation of Michigan when you come to league tonight.  As for the rest of us, well, at least I’ll have some stories to tell.

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  1. Hmmm…….Sounds like there was some tension.

    • Joseph Nebus says:

      I don’t remember it being a tense night, actually, besides Matt being cranky at the start of things. Although what I most remember is a sense of being saved from certain doom, as I’d been having a lousy game of Getaway before the slam tilt, and I did much better in the replay. I’m sorry that Danny did slam tilt, but it was good for me.

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