League Night Recap for 2/9/16

League Night 2/9/16. As you can see, all our games are played in the dark at the Lansing Pinball League. It helps us feel more like Tommy.

All of our games are played in the dark at the Lansing Pinball League. It helps us feel more like Tommy.

The league continues to grow this season, as last league night – the third of Season 6 – saw three new players.  Kandus brought her husband Joe, who fortunately goes by the short form of the name while my own husband Joseph never does, so I’m sure that will prevent any confusion.  Chris brought his friend Janine, who also does not go by Joseph, so all is well.  And longtime friend of the league Cattie is now an actual member of the league.  Until recently, Cattie had tended bar during league nights, and so is very familiar to the league.  She no longer works Tuesdays, which has been a tough adjustment for everyone.  The up side of this, however, is that she is now free to play in the league.

Although on the balance the league is growing, we have had a few (possibly temporary) departures from the league.  Aaron and Amanda G. had a good time at their first visit to the league, but have decided it’s just too far for them to come out on a regular basis.  Alex, a fixture of the league for a few seasons, has been too busy with running tournaments and his own league (the Blind Squirrel League out in Fremont) so he hasn’t been able to attend on a regular basis this season.

League Night 2/9/16.

The league hard at work.  That sound you hear is wood being chopped.

When I arrived, Chris, Sarah, Greg, and Janine were already playing their second game, as they had decided to start early.  Matt is now allowing people to start as soon as four people have arrived, supposedly to alleviate congestion now that the league has grown.  I can see the wisdom of this, but, dear reader, I hope that it does not work against the feeling of camaraderie that is the unique quality of our league.

I’m sorry to say that one of our games this time was Austin Powers, which unfortunately did not break.  I don’t get it; I keep sticking pins in my Austin Powers voodoo pinball machine.  Maybe I need to set it on fire.  I’m running out of time, since it’s one of the backup games for Tuesday so there is a nonzero chance we might have to endure it again.

Matt adds Mike to the naughty list.

Matt adds Mike to the naughty list.

On a brighter note, several people had very good games of Jack*Bot this time, including billion-plus scores for both Greg and Joseph.  At one point it did suffer a total reset during a game, a problem that has very occasionally happened in the past, but it didn’t recur.  That must be someone else’s voodoo; I like Jack*Bot.

Tuesday’s league night will bring us to the midway point of the season, and we probably will not have to play Austin Powers.  We will get to play Tales of the Arabian Nights, which has gotten its sound fixed at last!  I hope to see you all at 7 p.m. at the Avenue.


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  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I love the composition of that naughty-list picture.

    Here’s hoping for a major malfunction of Austin Powers because ugh can’t we just do Theatre instead?

  2. I don’t know spit about pinball, but I enjoy reading your write ups because they are so well written.

  3. Bob Barker says:

    Your captions are the bomb Dr. K!!! Better than Sunday comics!

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