League Night Recap for 2/7/16

League night #3 of 8

Games played: Metallica, Attack from Mars, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Addams Family, World Cup Soccer.

As usual for this season and my unfortunate new schedule, I rushed to league as soon as I could after work but still arrived after most people had started.  Sam was waiting for me, though, since Matt had assigned him to be my partner.  Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that.  Matt gave the Grand Rapids Three (Jake, Sam, and Adam) a choice of playing together or splitting one person off to wait for me.  Jake decided to make that choice on Sam’s behalf while Sam was at the bar getting a drink.  I’m glad I had someone to play with, in any case.

Chris playing Addams Family.

Chris solves the Addams Family strobe light problem.

We were originally supposed to play Demolition Man instead of World Cup Soccer, but by the time I showed up, Demo Man had broken and WCS had been switched in.  I’m pretty sure a lot of people wished The Addams Family had broken instead.  The new LEDs are blinding.  When the lights start strobing (during multiball, for instance) it is so dazzling that it can be almost impossible to follow the ball.  If the game were in a well lit area, it would be tolerable, though probably still annoying.  In the gloom upstairs, though, it’s madness.  Some people (following Adam’s lead) have been setting dollar bills over the two strobe lights.  Then there’s what Chris did when he and Kristen (who is rejoining the league after a long hiatus) dropped by the following week to do makeup games…

Chris's shoes.

Chris’s shoes.

On the other hand, I had an unusually good league game of Addams, the best of any of the scores I saw, so maybe I should hope the light stays!

After league I went to Theio’s with Sam, Adam, Jake, Mike, and Joseph, and while we were there I realized that once again I had failed to take any photos of league night.  Sam decided to help by posing.  Posing as what, I’m not too sure, but here you go.  There are a few more in the photo gallery.

Sam shows his muscles at Theio’s. He thought it would make a good league update photo for some reason.

My update from last league night serves, as usual, of a warning that the next league night is coming.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our next league night, so I hope I will see you… well, not at 7, because I won’t be able to get there on time.  You should come at 7. I will come as soon as I can, depending on how fast I can escape from work.

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  1. Bummer about your schedule.

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