League Night Recap for 2/23/16

It’s just about time for another league night, so of course it’s time for my customarily delinquent report of last league night.  February 23 brought us to the fourth meeting, and thus the halfway mark of the season.  There is still plenty of time left in the season for positions to change, but at this point it is safe to say that Chris has a pretty decisive lead, with 56 points over second place Joseph.  Sarah, in third place, trails Joseph by another 15 points, which is more than surmountable.  The rest of the “A division range,” the top eight, are clustered close together, from Matt’s 231-point fourth place, through a three-way tie for seventh place at 226 points.  (You can review the current standings here.)

League players playing.

Yes, we had to play Austin Powers. Thanks, random number generator!

This meeting once again saw a new participant: another Grand Rapids Pinball League regular, Adam.  Jake apparently convinced him to come by talking up Theio’s.  I asked him if he’s planning to come regularly and he said it will depend on his work schedule.  We also were graced with the return of a previous but long-absent league member, Terry.  Terry’s work schedule makes it difficult or impossible for him to attend league meetings, but the new flexible start time has allowed him to join us again.

Kandus checks herself for a fever.

The pinball action is so hot, Kandus has to check herself for a fever.

Chris’s friend Janine returned for a second dance with the Avenue’s games.  I told her I was glad we hadn’t scared her off.  She said that she had to come back because after her first week she was last place in the league standings and her son was razzing her for it, so she needed to at least get out of last place.  This brought back memories for me… memories of how, when I was new to the league, I just hoped not to be in last place every time Matt posted standings!  (These hopes were not always fulfilled.)

Not that I’m always putting in a stellar performance these days either.  I had one of the most hot and cold days I can remember, starting the night with a 100-million-plus Addams Family (a personal record, yet one that only got me 3rd in my group, since Joseph and Sam both tore it up even more than that) and ending with a six-figure Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Joseph turns away from Austin Powers in disgust.

Joseph turns away from Austin Powers in disgust.

The night ended with Adam getting his promised trip to Theio’s, along with Jake, Sam, Joseph, and me.  As Jake told Adam before we arrived, we almost never talk about pinball at Theio’s — roller coasters are a much more frequent topic — but wouldn’t you know, the conversation this time ended up turning into a bit of a debate about the merits of a certain melon-themed game.  Don’t worry, no punches were thrown, and everyone escaped unscathed.  I hope Adam liked the eggs.

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  1. I might join the league just to go to Theio’s myself. I really like that place.

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