League Night Recap for 2/21/17

A picture of Gone Wired Cafe

I failed to take any pictures of league night. So here, have a picture I took in 2008.

League night #4 of 8

Games played: Terminator 3, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Jack-Bot, Monster Bash, Fish Tales.

This is going to be a rather scrawny update, which is because it was a very scrawny league night.  None of the Grand Rapids players attended.  Stalwart Chris and new member Parker (AKA “East Side Rodney”) were missing.  Russell was present but not playing; he was just there to sit at a table with his laptop working.  When I arrived (late, as usual for this season), Joseph told me that play hadn’t started yet; Matt decided to wait for me.  I felt bad that I had held people up, though it was not my intention.  Joseph also told me about the low attendance, and I responded plaintively that this would be a disappointing league night.

“There’s something upstairs that’s going to make you very happy,” he said.

My eyes immediately sought out the mezzanine.  I knew it was unlikely, but my thoughts went straight to it nonetheless: “Is there a FunHouse up there?”

“No, no… but do you hear the sound of slightly inebriated, droll sarcasm?”

I gasped.  “Aaron is here!”

That’s right, Aaron H. made his first appearance this season.  He’s one of the first friends I made in the league when I joined back in 2013 and he always brings so much cheer to league nights, so I have missed his presence since his work schedule started preventing him from getting to league.

Speaking of Aaron: later in the evening I was playing Fish Tales and had been trying and repeatedly failing to get video mode going.  When I finally made the necessary shots and the animation started, I leapt back to commence my “I did a thing” dance (which involves hopping from foot to foot and swinging my arms).  Unfortunately, someone was walking behind me and I felt my hand fly out and clobber them.  I couldn’t see who it was and couldn’t turn around before I had to start shooting water skiers, but the exaggerated yell of pain let me know it was Aaron.  (He should save the theatrics for World Cup Soccer.)

I had a good game of Fish Tales and a very fun game of Jack-Bot (Casino Run FTW!  I love the thrill of gambling with points).  Too bad I had a truly awful game of Monster Bash in which it was pulling all kinds of TBS such as shooting the ball down the middle from the scoop (yes, that again) and catching Drac’s foot as it came from the right orbit and being diverted down the middle.

Fortunately, South Park was stealing quarters or something like that, so we didn’t follow our usual practice of playing the newest game.  I don’t think anyone is all that excited to see it, even though it is nice that they keep adding games.  I remember when we had only four games.

Tonight at 7 is our next league night.  We have four down and four to go.  And the good news for me is that I’m on Spring Break and can come early for once.  I will see you all there… I hope.

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