League Night Recap for 1/25/17

League night #2 of 8

Games played: Medieval Madness, Junk Yard, Jack-Bot, Austin Powers, The Walking Dead.


Remember last time when I apologized for the lack of photos and promised I would do better in the future?  Yeah, about that…

I went to fetch the photos for the week and discovered there were no photos for the week.  I forgot to take any, probably because I drove to The Avenue directly from work, immediately joined a group in progress, and never really had any down time.  Unfortunately, skimpy league updates are going to be the norm until such time as I can convince my workplace that it needs to accommodate my pinball schedule better.  Since my schedule is locked in at least through December, I can tell you that it won’t be anytime soon (although I’ll have a reprieve in the summer months).

League night felt extremely short for me, although I arrived around 7:30 by leaving work as early as I thought I could get away with and then going straight to league instead of stopping at home to change.  Nevertheless, league play had already started (why is it the late starts only happen when I’m on time?) and I jumped into a group with Chris, Joseph, and Mike B.  They had only gotten through one game, though unfortunately for me it was Austin Powers, meaning that I was alone with my misery when I caught up on it afterward.

I had not yet started Austin Powers when Adam yelled from downstairs to ask if I was ready for Theio’s.  It was hard for me to believe league night was already almost over.  I finished up my last game solo and went straight off to Theio’s with Mike, Jake, Sam, and Adam, meaning that I literally didn’t play a single game at the Avenue that wasn’t a league game.  This brings me to the one story I have a picture for.

The talk turned to contact lenses and I explained that I only started wearing them so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my glasses on roller coasters.  Jake asserted that he doesn’t have to worry anyway because his glasses fit snugly.  Suddenly everyone noticed how stunningly tight Jake’s glasses were, and someone speculated that Jake must surely have a dent worn into his head.  Jake was egged on into taking his glasses off, and the sight of his glasses-grooves sent the table into an uproar.  Jake had to see for himself, so he took this photo:

Jake's glasses dent

Jake’s glasses crease. Photo graciously provided by Jake.

Upon viewing it, he cried out, “What the hell is wrong with my head?”

Joseph, Mike, and I considered going back to the Avenue after Theio’s, but ultimately Mike decided he needed to get home, and I was too darned tired from my day in the salt mines.  So that ended what felt like the briefest league night yet – though sadly I think that’s going to be a theme for me the rest of this year.

Our next league night is tomorrow at 7, games TBA.  I haven’t made it out there lately, but I hear that the games have been moved around once again and some of them are now in the corner by the pool tables.  I’m sure it will be very educational, as we will get to learn the answer to the question, who’s touchier about their personal space, pool players or pinball players?

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  1. Bummer about your schedule!

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