League Night Recap for 1/10/17

League Night #1, Season 8

Games played: Iron Man, Terminator 3, Theatre of Magic, Metallica, Lord of the Rings

Dan and Russell.  Theatre of Magic was just savage to a lot of people tonight.  My 63M game on it beat Joseph’s 63M game by 15K points.

The league started its eighth season on January 10 and, unfortunately, this season marks a change back to my old work schedule, which means I will not be able to come until 7:30 or 8 p.m.  I had to do this for the first one or two seasons, but then I was able to get my work schedule changed so I could make it back to Lansing for league on Tuesdays.  This January it changed back, and it looks like my late arrivals will be a recurring disappointment for at least a year.  Due to my late arrival and the fact that by the time I finished many people had dispersed, I was not able to get nearly as many photos as I usually do.  I will try to work around that in the future.

We had a rather small group on this night, just ten people, and with the games increasingly distributed across several locations in the bar, I went quite a while without seeing anyone besides fellow latecomer (and league partner for the night) Russell.  I know Sam was ill and I expect he’ll be returning for tomorrow’s league night.  I hope some of the other past participants will also be playing this season (paging Aaron H.!).  And, of course, if you are reading this and have been on the fence or shy about coming to league… the season is still early.  We’d love to see you at our meeting tomorrow!

Despite the small turnout, some of us did have the usual run to Theio’s afterward.  Everyone is always welcome to come along with us on a Theio’s run.  Come for the hashbrowns: stay for the pinball gossip.

As in the last few seasons, after each meeting I will be mirroring the league standings here for those who are not connected with us on Facebook.  I have streamlined the table a little bit, but it can still be sorted by either points for the night or total points for the season.  I will also be continuing to send my photos to the photo gallery, but as I said, I didn’t have too many for this particular night.  (Sorry about that.)

Tomorrow, January 24, is our second league night, beginning as usual at 7 p.m.  Our league president, Matt, has announced the tentative game list as follows: Medieval Madness (yay!  Shoot the castle!), Junk Yard (shoot the dog!), Jack-Bot (shoot the visor!), The Walking Dead (shoot the walker!), and Austin Powers (shoot it in the head!).  Iron Man (shoot the … oh, you can figure it out) is the contingency game if one of the other games has to be taken out.

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