League Night Recap for 10/25/16

League Night #8 of 8

Games played: Iron Man, Terminator 3, Demolition Man, The Addams Family, Attack from Mars.

This was an exciting league night for two reasons: first, it was the last of the season before the final playoffs, and second, it was the second annual League Costume Night.  Nothing quite as crazy as last year’s Three Tabakas happened, and participation was a bit lower (perhaps just a consequence of lower attendance generally), but it was still a good time.  When I arrived at the Avenue one of the first people I saw was Aaron (who was evidently not in costume), so I asked, “Who are you supposed to be?”  He replied that he hasn’t been able to find his father to ask.

Joseph and Adam.

Joseph (the raccoon) and Adam (not the peacock) work on their league games.


Sam: always a bridegroom, never a bride.

Matt easily won the vote for the second year running for his portrayal of Eleven from “Stranger Things.”  I got second for my peacock costume.  It had been assumed that we would get another round of people going as other league members this year, but I was the only one to do so… since I went as Adam!  (If you don’t get it, you probably don’t know Adam’s last name.)  In third place was Jimmy, dressed as… no one is quite sure.  I guessed “Captain Obvious,” but the best answer might have been whoever wrote “the love child of Kenny Loggins and Henry Rollins” on their ballot.  In fourth place was Joseph, whose raccoon costume was cute but, despite a new mask, probably too similar to last year’s costume for the voters.  In fifth was Sam, wearing his Indian bridegroom costume for the second year running.  Sam also made himself popular by bringing a big bag of Halloween candy for everyone to share.

Several other people received lone votes despite not apparently having costumes.  I had to disqualify the entry for Hillary Clinton on the grounds that Ms. Clinton was not a league member, but I noted that if she joined the league she would be welcome to participate next year.

The winners: Jimmy (3rd), Matt (1st), and Heather (2nd).

The winners: Jimmy (3rd), Matt (1st), and Heather (2nd).


Captain Jimmy reminisces about the girl he left behind. I think her name was “Brandy.”

When I went to give out the first place trophy to Matt, Aaron barged in and tried to take it. I said, “This is for Matt!” and he said, “I am Matt.  That’s how amazing my costume is.”  I believe I speak for everyone in saying that we all missed Aaron and are glad he’s been coming to league again.

The playoffs, which will determine our final season results, will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) – yes, election night.  We’ll see our fate decided in more than one way.


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  1. Love the sparkly mask. How did you walk in those “feet”?

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