League Night Recap for 10/24/17 (Costume Night)

Winners Mike S. (3rd), me (1st), and Joseph (2nd). Plus a photobomb by the bartender. Photo by Dan.

Alas!  Due to a couple of very busy weeks (and overall a very busy month) I was not able to get you a proper league update for 10/24.  I beg your forgiveness.

So I am not entirely remiss in providing news of the league, I will just mention that 10/24 was the league’s third annual Costume Night, conducted by this humble author.  Unfortunately, we had the least participation yet, possibly due to the last league night of October falling an entire week behind Halloween.  I don’t intend to give up on Costume Night yet, and next year I have a plan for improving participation on that.

Joseph as scare”crow”. Or possibly the Indiana Beach mascot.

So as it happened, only Joseph and I dressed up, I in a dragon costume that I sustained a hot glue injury cobbling together at the last moment (like how I write this blog, but with more blistering), and Joseph in his typically high-concept entry, the Scarecrow Crow.  Joseph still provided a voting box, since we had three trophies to give away.  I won narrowly over Joseph, and third place went to… Mike S.?!  Yes, Mike declared that he was The Duke of Bourbon, and on the strength of his impression received three third-favorite votes for three points total and a third place overall.  (Up next was Chris, who received two votes due to league tradition.)

League finals is in a very short time, though it will be delayed until 7:30 to accommodate certain habitual latecomers whom I will not name.  I hope to see you there!

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