League Night Recap for 10/11/16

League Night #7 of 8

Games played: Fish Tales, Getaway, Tales of the Arabian Nights, World Cup Soccer, The Walking Dead

Joseph tallies up his score for the night.

Joseph tallies up his score for the night.

The next league night is coming soon and, according to custom, that means it’s time for me to finally get around to writing the recap of the last one.  To be honest, I can’t think of much to write about.  This was a low attendance night, with only nine people present and accounted for.

League Night #6 was particularly brutal for me, so in comparison I thought I did quite well.  I had one really awful game (Fish Tales) but the rest were mediocre to good.  As the night wrapped up, I was feeling pretty good – until I noticed Joseph taking notes about something.  I asked what he was doing and he admitted he had looked through all the score books and had figured out how many points each of us had gotten.  I asked how I had done and he told me I had earned 12 points (minus the attendance points).  I was shocked.  I did scores around that range back when I didn’t know what I was doing, and we played fewer games then!  I felt deflated.  Joseph pointed out that this was a consequence of the very low turnout.  I wasn’t entirely heartened.

Jimmy and Matt's movie poster.

Jimmy and Matt’s movie poster.

The scores from Night #7 haven’t been published yet, most likely because of the number of people doing makeups.  I am getting nervous going into Night #8, our last of the season, because last I knew I was in seventh place and if I fall below eighth I’ll go back into playing B division.

Nothing more to report, but since my recaps have also been serving as previews of late, I’ll remind everyone that Tuesday, since it is our last league night before Halloween, is our 2nd annual Costume Contest night!  I have Halloween-themed trophies for first, second, and third place.  Last year the most popular costume choice was to dress as Chris; either two or three people went that route, depending on whether we count Chris.  (Someone did vote for him.)  Matt’s Chris costume won out over Jake’s and he took home the first place trophy (which, as he remarked, was the first trophy he’d won in the league at that time).  Summer and Ally took second for their joint costume of the Shining twins, and I got to keep the third myself for my Stitch costume.  Who will win this year?  Come on Tuesday (7 p.m. at the Avenue) and find out!  Meanwhile, enjoy a couple more pictures, then hit the photo gallery for even more.

Jake looking upset.

Looks like the fish got away.

Jimmy and Matt.

Jimmy and Matt’s movie poster.

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