League Night Recap for 10/10/17

Season 9, League Night #7 of 8

Games played: Star Trek, The Addams Family, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Junk Yard, Star Wars

The usual suspects.

It’s hard to believe it but the season is already almost over. The league night of October 10th was one of our better attended in a while, and we were joined by Aaron for the first time in quite a while and Sam for the first time this season. I tried to ditch my class a bit early to come to league, but it didn’t work. Not only did I keep class until the very end (I couldn’t stop, the topic we were on was too interesting), but after class a student wanted to ask me some questions about Kant. Talking about Kant might be one of the only things that gets prioritized ahead of pinball in my life, so I ended up getting to league around 8 p.m.

We have a new game at the Avenue again, a new Star Wars, so, as is our usual practice for new additions, we played it. Some people played it, anyway. I did something to it, but I’m not sure I was playing. Then again, who can tell, with that game?

Kristen and Mike.

Why does Kristen look so happy? Oh yeah, because she’s playing Star Trek.

League night feels very short for me this season, partly from arriving so late, but partly from the fact that the post-league visits to Theio’s are done with. We lost a good bit of the crowd we used to go with (Jake and Adam have been on hiatus this season, and Sam has been mostly absent also) and, under its new ownership, Theio’s is closed by the time we get there after league. We thought it was just closed period, although I drove past it earlier today and it was open. A Theio’s that isn’t open 24 hours is no Theio’s at all, in my book. We’ve lost a Lansing institution.

On a brighter note, I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of two upcoming Halloween activities. First, the third annual League Costume Night is during tomorrow’s league night. We’ll be voting for best costume and I have trophies for the top three. I worked hard and even sustained multiple hot glue burns to create my costume, so I want to see some other people dressed up or I’m going to be going home with all three trophies. Not that I don’t deserve it, but it would be nice to share the wealth.

Second, the first-ever IFPA sanctioned pingolf tournament will be happening at the Avenue on Wednesday. It’s the second annual Fear and Trembling tournament, but this time instead of choosing between two wacky impediments for each hole, there will be a choice between two objectives on each hole. There will be Halloween-themed trophies for all four finalists, and the $10 entry fees will all go to Humane Society International’s Disaster Relief Fund to help animals affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters. I hope you will come!

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