League Night Preview: 7/21/15

Tonight is the second meeting of Season 5 of the Lansing Pinball League.  The custom is always to play any game that is new to the venue, plus others that are randomly selected. The new game this time is Fish Tales.  I have made a couple of visits to the Avenue to practice on it and it seems to be playing pretty well.  The fish topper actually works, adding some flash to the festivities.

The games for tonight will be as follows:

  • Fish Tales. I love the Monster Fish. I don’t just mean for strategy reasons, I mean I get a kick out of him, with the goofy fire breathing sound effect and everything. He’s a cutie.
  • World Cup Soccer. Has anyone ever actually done a successful Magna-Save? Aaron once told me he only uses Magna-Save “ironically.”
  • Medieval Madness. Shoot the… what was that thing again? Something in the middle of the playfield, I forget what they call it.
  • Getaway. Remember, the ball save is carefully calibrated so that it is slightly shorter than the time required for the ball to travel down the playfield.

See you tonight at 7 p.m. at the Avenue!

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  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    If we have have a pin-golf tournament at the Avenue, the finals challenge has to be “use the Magna-Save successfully”.

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