League Night Preview: 2/24/15

In just a few hours it will be time for the fourth meeting of Season 4, the halfway point of the season.  Last meeting saw an unprecedented number of players which led us to play five games instead of our usual four.  Matt has lined up four games for us to play with a fifth contingent on there being more than 16 players.  The games are:

  • The Walking Dead
  • World Cup Soccer
  • Getaway
  • Indiana Jones
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights (if more than 16 players)

Joseph asked which game I thought would break this time. After some consideration (World Cup was also a contender) I decided to throw my vote to Getaway. Joseph agreed.  Mike S. has threatened to use his gremlin powers against Indiana Jones, which he is not a fan of, but since that one has been treating me a little bit better recently, I asked if he couldn’t target Getaway instead.

Matt has some serious studying to do tonight due to a midterm tomorrow, so he won’t be running the meeting tonight.  In all seriousness, I admire his diligence as a student.  As for my academic diligence… well, I stayed home from class today.  Aaron will be serving as Matt’s stand-in, which will of course require him to do a lot more hugging than usual.

See you all at 7 p.m. at the Avenue…

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