League Night Preview: 12/2/14

It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway) that tonight is going to be a very exciting league night.  It’s our final night of the season, and the points accrued by the end of this meeting will determine final standings.  There will be one more league night, but it will be our post-season, unofficial tournament (traditionally a “Zen tournament”) and party.

Although the previous meeting saw Chris beaten out by an impressive tie between Danny and Joseph, he is still nearly a shoo-in to win the season, and Rodney to take second.  The real action is still the #3 position.  Joseph is currently #3 (he still insists, incredulously, that he is overvalued) but Matt and Mike are very close behind.  Danny, despite being a mid-season joiner, has come up very quickly in rank and is also in range of a #3 finish.  Many other positions have fewer than 10 points separating them so there could still be a lot of place-swapping.

The games chosen for this week are:

    • The Walking Dead: Well, of course. Our venue’s newest game generally gets chosen for league night. Matt reports that it has had a code update installed.
    • Getaway: If the launcher holds out, that is. (“We’re playing Getaway,” I told Joseph. “Suuuure we are,” he said.)
    • Junk Yard: “King Kong” Stewart will just have to rein himself in.
    • Monster Bash: A popular game that I don’t expect to hear a lot of griping about.

See you tonight at 7 p.m. at the Avenue!

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