League Night Preview: 11/4/2014

It’s League Night tomorrow (Tuesday 11/4) and not a moment too soon.  This is meeting #6 of 8 for Season 3, so we are starting to head into the home stretch.  The gods of chance have decreed the following games for our friendly little competition:

  • Attack from Mars: AfM has been down for quite a while.  It’s perennially popular and so I assume many will welcome its return.  Plus, even if you have the lowest score in the league, there’s the consolation that your non-pinball friends will think it sounds impressive.  “A hundred million points?!  WOW!!”
  • Addams Family: In my last preview, I stated, “Everyone loves Addams Family!”  It turns out I was wrong about that.  Everyone loves the voices in Addams Family.  The punishment the game deals out, not so much.  I stand corrected.
  • Indiana Jones: Indy gets a sequel, after its unexpected appearance at the last League Night when it served as a replacement for Getaway.  The endless search for the Mode Start will continue.  I’m almost positive it exists, but it hides every time I try to shoot it.
  • Junk Yard: Oh, Junk Yard, you devil!  Every time we try to include it at League Night something goes wrong.  Still, the right ball recycle has finally been repaired, giving us hope that it’s been given some TLC in general.  Maybe we’ll see its angelic side this time.

Be seeing you all at the Avenue tomorrow at 7!

Update: Addams Family is on the fritz.  Matt has announced that the replacement will be Austin Powers.  (I’m just lucky that The Simpsons is apparently still down…)

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