League Night Preview: 11/18/14

Tomorrow is meeting 7 of 8 for Season 3 of the Lansing Pinball League.  Time for us all to channel all of the stress and frustration of our daily existence into something positive: smacking the hell out of a steel ball and watching it violently collide with things.  Or maybe I’m revealing too much about myself.

As usual, Matt has done a random drawing to determine our games.  As an added bonus, I am going to provide a special strategy tip for each game.  You can thank me with a beer when you’re done entering your initials.

  • Junk Yard. Yes, Junk Yard. Chris swears the tilt is behaving. We shall see. Strategy tip: shoot the castle!
  • World Cup Soccer. Strategy tip: shoot the castle!
  • Lord of the Rings. Strategy tip: shoot the castle!
  • The Simpsons Pinball Party. Strategy tip: shoot the castle! Better yet, just shoot the game.

See you all at 7 p.m. at the Avenue!

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