League Night Preview: 11/10/15

Tomorrow night at 7 p.m. is the final night of Season 8, in which final standings are determined by a double elimination tournament.  The top 8 seeds, based on total points for the season, will play in A division, and the rest will play in B.  Each match will be best two of three. The higher seed gets first pick: either machine or order of play. The loser of the first game gets next pick: either machine or order of play; the same goes if a third game is necessary. The same machine may not be used more than once per set of 3 games per opponent. You may wait on a machine to use only if the current players are on ball 3, otherwise you must choose an unoccupied machine.

Players must have attended at least four meetings this season to play.  Based on a review of the past league results, it looks like the following people are eligible (in order of seeding):

  1. Alex
  2. Chris
  3. Mike S.
  4. Aaron
  5. Matt
  6. Joseph
  7. Sarah
  8. Jake
  9. Sam
  10. Heather
  11. Mike B.
  12. Jimmy
  13. Danny
  14. Terry
  15. Russell
  16. Greg
  17. James

Start deciding your game picks now!  Good luck to everyone!

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One Response to League Night Preview: 11/10/15

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    That’s slightly more people than I thought would be eligible. Interesting. I hope we get a good turnout tomorrow. Somebody go break Austin Powers for us ahead of time.

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