League Night Preview: 10/21/14

Rejoice! For tomorrow (Tuesday, if you’ve lost track of the week already) is League Night.  Our beloved organizer Matt has announced the games (chosen by random lottery).   Assuming no mechanical troubles, our games will be:

  • Junk Yard: This one hasn’t been chosen as a league game for a very long time due to its frequent mechanical issues (getting stuck various places, double dispensing balls). It’s nice to see it back in the rotation… knock on wood. I expect to see a lot of people going for the fast point grab of the dog video mode. “Hey, that’s not pinball!” Don’t rely on the right ball recycle, whatever you do: it’s still not working, which is why the rat on that side looks especially shifty-eyed…
  • Getaway: Not a popular game with some of the players in the league. It giveth to some and taketh away from others… and it tilts if you look at it cross-eyed. Let’s just hope no one breaks the launcher again because I absolutely do not want to play any Simpsons.
  • Addams Family: Everyone loves Addams Family! (I’d love it even better if they turned up the sound so we could hear it…) And what an appropriate choice for the last league night before Halloween. As is…
  • Monster Bash: Another great choice for late October. I know this is a favorite for several of the league regulars including Matt. Get ready to stack those modes like a Dagwood sandwich. Delicious, delicious points!

We are now moving into the second half of the season and so competition is really going to heat up, especially for the third place position.  Aaron suggested last season that second prize should be something amazing like an animatronic giraffe. I say this season third prize should get this tasteful statue:

Keytar Dragon Statue

Keyboardist Geoffrey Downes of the Buggles/Yes/Asia actually has this as his Twitter profile pic. Surely that is the mark of quality.

Be seeing you all at the Avenue tomorrow at 7!

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