League Night Non-Recap for 7/11/17 (plus Super-Ball VIII)

League Night #1 of 8, Season 9

Games played: Austin Powers, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness, Star Trek,  Theatre of Magic

To my dismay, I missed the season opener for Season 9, held on July 11. I was on a long-planned trip up north with my parents, brother, and Joseph. I heard that only six players made it there in the flesh.  This season there is going to be an attendance bonus (10 points, if memory serves) to discourage makeups.  I fully endorse this change even though it’s hurting me this season, as I think a league should mean getting together in person to play as much as possible, but I also think that a flat zero for a missed night here and there is too harsh for a casual league.

Matt and Kristen (closeup).

Matt and Kristen, the Team of Destiny.

Since I can’t report on the night I missed, I will instead say a few words about Super-Ball VIII, AKA the Zen Tournament, held back on May 23.  It was the first league meeting of new player Tim T., who ended up paired with Chris in what we swear was not intended to be hazing.  It must not have been too bad, as Tim has gone on to become a regular league member.  Chris, however, still has not gotten his coveted Zen trophy.  The final match was between Mike B. and Mike S. (a repeat pairing), and Matt and Kristen.  Matt and Kristen, AKA the Team of Destiny, won the final game on Star Trek, inducting Matt into the prestigious circle of two-time Zen tournament winners.  No one has yet won three times.

The next league night will be this Tuesday, July 25.  It’s not too late to join for the season, and you still have time to do makeup games before then (since Matt asks that makeup games be played prior to the next league meeting).

Team Mike makes a show of beating up the Team of Destiny.


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