Come One, Come All

I know, I know. Your favorite pinblogger has been more than a bit quiet since Season 6 finished. That’s not to say nothing happened. First Sam and Matt won Super-Ball VI, the Zen Tournament. (This makes Sam the other two-time Zen winner, alongside a certain pinblogger.) At the Rocket Robin charity tournament, Chris took home a trophy to make up for the one he wasn’t able to secure at Zen night (despite his recruitment of a ringer in the form of Jason M.). Two new games also went in, a very wonky T3 and a reportedly great-but-pricey Metallica that I haven’t gotten my paws on yet. So things have happened. Just… uh, not here.

And now the biggest thing is about to happen – the start of a new season, lucky Seven! It’s tonight at 7 (or so) at the Avenue. And I won’t be there. You should go anyway. In fact, you should go, and then tell me in lurid detail what happened so I can write a recap. Make stuff up if you want. I won’t know, and there’s precedent.

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