Amateur Tips #2: What They Say, What They Mean

Welcome to part 2 in my continuing series of tips by a novice, for novices.  An important thing to understand when you first join a pinball league is that what pinball players say and what they mean are two different things.  I have prepared this handy table to help you quickly interpret the remarks you will hear at league night.

What They SayWhat They Mean
That was total bullshit.I lost control of the ball.
This is a great table.I have a strategy I like for this table.
Great ball!I kept hoping you'd lose the ball.
I had some lucky breaks.Behold my skills!
I barely touched it!I slammed it and thought I'd get away with it.
Plenty of people in this league can beat me.I intend to rule this league.
I don't take pinball too seriously.I wish I were good enough to take pinball too seriously.
Here's my strategy for this one...I do the same thing as in every game, shoot at the farthest target and make every ramp three times.

(I owe the last one to Mike G., who once replied thusly to my asking him the goals of a game with which I was unfamiliar.)

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