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League Night Update for 9/8/15

September 8th was the fifth meeting of the fifth season of the League, and was the first meeting Chris has missed since he joined during Season 1.  In response to this historic non-event, some mysterious prankster posted a Chris-themed motivational … Continue reading

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Results for League Night #5, Season 5, 9/8/15

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League Night Preview: 9/8/15

It’s time for meeting #5 of Season 5!  Tonight’s games are the following: The Simpsons Pinball Party: Mike’s favorite! Austin Powers: everyone’s favorite! Getaway: I guess no one hates it? Monster Bash: This was originally going to be an overflow … Continue reading

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League Night Recap for 8/25/15

The league night of 8/25 was the fourth meeting of Season 5, putting us halfway through the season.  League Night #4 also had the most players of any meeting yet this season (and, I think, any meeting for quite a while), … Continue reading

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Results for League Night #4, Season 5, 8/25/15

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